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MAINPAGE MILADENT Tannkirurgi, Gdansk

Om Klinikk (for former patients of this clinic)

Dominik Los, Senior Physician of MILADENT

MILADENT er et moderne nettverk av 3 tannlege –og implanteringsklinikker av høy standard. Med 14 tannleger, tannkirurger, protesespesialister og 10 assistenter er vi svært fleksible, og kan tilpasse avtaler på kort varsel etter ditt behov.

Våre spesialister i tannbehandling tilbyr profesjonell behandling i en behagelig og hyggelig atmosfære i moderne lokaler.
Vi kan hjelpe deg med hva det skulle være av tann-problematikk:
Implanteringer, broer, kroner, behandling av rotkanaler, rotkanalfyllinger, regenerering av knokler, tannkjøttbehandling, proteser -

vi oppfyller alle dine ønsker for en adekvat pris og på kort tid.

Våre tannleger bruker utstyr av høyeste internasjonale standard , og behandlingen foregår med moderne metoder. Alle våre klinikker gjennomgår en statlig hygienekontroll hver måned.

MILADENT bruker en av de beste laboratorier i Gdansk ( TYTAN ) der tannteknikere lager våre proteser.

Vår partner Reinhard Pletzer fra GODENTA in Gdansk vil sørge for alt du måtte trenge i forbindelse med tannbehandlingen.

Han møter deg på flyplassen, følger til tannlegen og ivaretar dine behov for en trygg kommunikasjon med tannlegen, slik at alle dine spørsmål blir ivaretatt.

Price examples MILADENT*:(complete prices including consultation,examination, x-rays, anesthesia)

Implant root (the screw) including surgical work : from 4500 NOK (2250 PLN)
Implant with porcelain crown (complete price ) : from 9500 NOK (4750 PLN)
Porcelain crown/Bridge post on metall alloy: 1900 NOK (950 PLN)
Porcelain crown/Bridge post on Zirconia, “Full Porcelain” : 3000 NOK (1500 PLN)
Veneer Porcelain : 3000 NOK (1500 PLN)
Tooth extraction (non-surgical): 1000 NOK (500 PLN)
Root-canal Treatment+filling: from 1600-2400 NOK (800 - 1200 PLN)
Filling (Composite) per tooth: from 400-600 NOK (200-300 PLN)
In office bleaching/whitening: 2000 NOK (1000 PLN)

Guarantee: Crowns/Bridges 2 Years, Dental implant, root+attachment: 10 Years
*all mentioned prices depend on the actual money exchange rates.
*all GODENTA services are completely free of charge for the patients
Download the actual price-list of MILADENT (.pdf)   here


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MILADENT, no more support from GODENTA, why?

November 2014 by Reinhard Pletzer, GODENTA

Like many good dentists working there in the last Years,
for us as well it's time to say "Good Bye" to MILADENT.

Dentistry should be a passion for the dentists, helping patients in an honest and reliable way for reasonable prices.
First class quality and service should be their main goals.
Unfortunately I got the impression that their preferences have changed within the last time in the opposite direction than their prices.

After 7 Years of a mostly successful cooperation I regret this development very much, but I have to take care mainly of the patients needs and wishes. That's my preference!"

However, if former patients want to continue their treatment there or will have any warranty claims to MILADENT we will support them and we will arrange the appointments.


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Maybe with the best reputation in Gdansk
The Dental Center "PROJEKT USMIECH"

November 2014, by GODENTA Gdansk

The owner and senior physician of "PROJEKT USMIECH", "PROSJEKT SMIL" is cooperating with GODENTA since 7 Years. Till now I didn't heard the slightest complaint about his work and the same is valid for the whole team there.
Me and my family are using the services of this clinic ourselves to our best satisfaction.

Here you will find your specialists :

No waiting lists, no waiting time

November 2014, by PROJEKT USMIECH Gdansk

The reservation of appointments is generally possible on short notice. Sometimes even shorter than 10 days before your desired arrival. There are no waiting lists, nevertheless it makes sense to contact our partner Reinhard Pletzer from GODENTA by e-Mail as early as possible.  godenta@gmail.com
Reinhard is responsible for to arranging the appointments and writing our offers.
We are flexibel in scheduling dentist and patient time.

In close cooperation with GODENTA and recommended dental technician laboratories we have created a system to provide especially fast treatment for our patients from abroad
to accommodate a very short stay and to keep the number of visits quite low.

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MILADENT will leave no gap:

Besides the excellent medical education of our team the experience is our fortune.

February 2014 by PROJEKT USMIECH Gdansk

For years we have had a wide range of experience with the treatment of patients from abroad with all types of dental treatments.
All our dentists graduated at the most recommended Medical Universities of Poland, such as the "Gdansk Medical Akademy", which have an excellent reputation in Europe.

Many students from abroad, especially from Scandinavia come for their education to Gdansk.
Dentists and dental assistants are also among our patients
See our references >> here >>

GODENTA How to get an offer and appointment?

Our partner GODENTA will support You

January 2013 by PROJEKT USMIECH Gdansk

For years GODENTA in Gdansk has been our reliable partner for preparing our offers and arranging appointments for patients from abroad.

Godenta is also make sure that the patient will get the necessary confirmations / reports of treatment and  invoices depending on the needs of the national health insurance system of the concerning country.

Reinhard from GODENTA is almost a daily guest in our clinic taking care care of patients.

We always can depend on his reliability
Always contact Reinhard by e-mail to get an offer and appointment with our clinic. In many cases he will even pick you up at the airport and will bring you to our clinic or to your accommodation. (for free of course)

Learn more about the services of GODENTA >> here >>

The support of GODENTA is completely for free for the patient and using it has no influence on the treatment prices.

No matter which dental problems you will have, here in Gdansk your treatment will be in the best hands.
If it's concerning only the changing of some fillings whilst on your holiday or City trip, or the biggest treatments such as replacement of all teeth with dental implants, if crowns, bridges, veneers, inlays, protheses, or only some bleaching / whitening:
You have found the specialists in Gdansk.

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